Marek Lech Tymiński

As of 2018, we started to implement a new company strategy; we adapted the production model to better leverage outsourcing partners during the game development process, in order to strengthen our development structure. In unison, we streamlined our internal development process to one studio of around 30 developers. Shortly after, we commenced development on the next instalment in the Sniper Ghost Warrior franchise; Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts. Released globally in November 2019, it was successfully received by media and audiences alike, in turn restoring faith in our bestselling franchise. By January 2021, SGW Contracts had sold over 1 million copies and continues to sell well.  

In 2018, the company founded United Label, a new publishing arm specialising in smaller but equally ambitious titles. Röki, the studio’s inaugural release, received critical acclaim upon its launch in late 2020, while this year will see the release of Eldest Souls and Tails of Iron. Going forward, we will continue to exclusively select titles that we feel confident will perform successfully based on the learnings of previous releases.

In September 2020, we raised approximately €6 million from mainly Polish institutional investors, to improve our cash position for the further growth of the company across several geographic locations. We also established a new marketing division based in the UK, bringing on board highly-skilled professionals with successful track records within video games to head up global marketing.

Late 2019, we opened a second studio, Hexworks, headquartered in Barcelona, where we relocated the development of the sequel to Lords of the Fallen. Boasting a vastly experienced team of industry veterans, as of May 2021, the studio now comprises 55 members, based across Spain, Romania, and the UK – our largest team at present. We outsource the majority of art production to our partners, in order to stay primarily focused on creative and production processes. Lords of the Fallen 2 will see CI Games return to full price games.

The Warsaw team, currently made up of 43 members, recently completed development of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, released on 4th June 2021. Delivering a 170% uplift in digital sales (after 10 days) in comparison to its predecessor, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, this ambitious project again exemplifies the efficiency of our dynamic production model, allowing us to produce high quality titles within modest development budgets. Our aim is to further establish the Sniper Ghost Warrior brand by reaching new audiences with the recent launch and future releases.

Founded in Poland in 2002, I am proud to say that CI Games is now a fully global organization, with a highly-experienced, international management team operating from a wide range of geographic locations within Europe and the US, across all key business fields. Employing over 140 members of staff, over 50% of the entire CI Games team is now based outside of Poland, with the company strongly benefiting from its widely diverse and multicultural setup.

Our objective is to deliver long term ambitious growth across both current and future IPs, while continuously growing our internal development talent and publishing operations. In the next phase, we will concentrate on further improving efficiency by finding synergies between the two studios, in turn, nurturing a collaborative working environment. I look forward to the company continuing to deliver globally-celebrated games, and witnessing the further establishment of both existing and forthcoming brands at a worldwide scale.